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Instalaciones Contreras

Windows make magic with light, offer protection, bring warmth and character to the facades. This complex balance of functionality, aesthetics and quality fascinates us.

Make the majority of the components directly in our factories and give the customer the certainty of always being in good hands is the philosophy on which Finstral is based since 1969, being the manufacturer of windows with the highest number of certificates in Europe.

In addition Finstral provides designs of connections to work for each assembly situation, with all the necessary information on the process and the materials used, previous advisory and after-sales service carried out by specialized technicians

We look forward to welcoming you in the only Finstral Studio in Western Andalusia!

Instalaciones Contreras

Renewal of windows with Finstral Partner Studio Estepona.

Always insulating, silent, safe and aesthetic.

Are your windows really safe? And are they perfectly insulating? Does the traffic noise bother you even if the window is closed? Do you have trouble managing your windows? Do they get stuck sometimes? Does the air flow enter? And above all, do you still really like your windows? Almost all the windows installed before 1995, in general, are obsolete. They are characterized by their low energy performance, are partially damaged and are not very functional.

Finstral is able to offer you a quick and easy service to renew your windows in less than two hours.
And without masonry works

Instalaciones Contreras

It's time to think about new windows.

Have you stopped to think how old your windows are?
Are they watertight? Are they really safe? Do not?

Then, the time has come to discover what is the status of your windows:
Check your windows!
All you need is ten minutes of your time,
an accessible window and follow our instructions step by step.

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