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Engines for sale in Estepona


 In Instalaciones Contreras we are specialists in the sale, installation and maintenance of automatisms  and other products such as doors and windows in Estepona. Concretely:
  • High efficiency PVC windows and doors.
  • High performance aluminium windows and doors.
  • Windows and doors made of PVC-wood and aluminium-PVC-wood combined materials.
  • Panoramic enclosures (glass curtains) with different types of opening, solar control glass and accessories such as interior curtains and pleated mosquito nets to fully enjoy your terrace.
  • Fixed and movable roof in different types of glass and panels, either with manual or motorized drive.
  • Aluminium and PVC blinds with finishes in all types of colours that can be motorised for greater comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Rolling up doors for commerce that you can customize so that they are not just security elements but an important part of your business image.
  • Automatism for all types of blinds, doors, gates, curtains, etc..
  • Bath screens of national manufacture with 3 years of guarantee and incredible decorations in digital impression on glass.
  • Awnings and sun protection elements to contribute to energy saving in your home and business.
  • Mosquito nets of different openings and finishes to suit your needs.
  • Decorative blinds for your windows and doors, aluminium and wood blinds, roller blinds, folding blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds, etc.

Count on us for personalised advice and much more.

In our company you will not find sellers but advisors. We try that you know the products that we offer them, advantages when choosing them, quality and guarantee of the same ones.
When you contact us, by whatever means, we collect as much information as possible, make an appointment to take action and see the work on site. and we give you a budget without commitment, and always taking into account your needs and concerns.

We are characterized by the cordiality in the treatment, the punctuality in the services, the quality of the products and the immediate answer before an eventuality.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via mobile phone
699 343 654